Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow [GBA]

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Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow [GBA]

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Castlevania - Aria Of Sorrow

Max Gamerscore: 1000
Max Achievements: 14

1. Release - 10Gs

"Unlock the powers of taking monsters seals."

(Unlocked as soon as you gain the "Winged Skeleton" soul)

2. Creaking Skull - 20Gs

"Beat the Creaking Skull."

(Unlocked after beating the "Creaking Skull")

3. Manticore - 30Gs

"Beat the Manticore."

(Unlocked after beating the "Manticore")

4. Great Armor - 40Gs

"Beat the Great Armor."

(Unlocked after beating the "Great Armor")

5. Big Golem - 50Gs

"Beat the Big Golem."

(Unlocked after beating the "Big Golem")

6. Headhunter - 60Gs

"Beat the Headhunter."

(Unlocked after beating the final form of "Headhunter")

7. Death - 70Gs

"Beat Death."

(Unlocked after beating the second form of "Death")

8. Legion - 80Gs

"Beat Legion."

(Unlocked after beating "Legion")

9. Balore - 90Gs

"Beat Balore."

(Unlocekd after beating "Balore")

10. Graham - 100Gs

"Beat Graham."

(Unlocked after beating the second form of "Graham")

11. Chaos - 200Gs

"Beat the final boss."

(Unlocked after beating the second form of "Chaos")
12. Hard Mode - 50Gs

"Beat the game on Hard mode."

(Unlocked after beating the game on Hard mode)

13. Julius - 50Gs

"Beat the game with Julius."

(Unlocked after beating the game with "Julius")

14. Boss Rusher - 50Gs

"Beat Boss Rush in under 4 minutes"

(Unlocked after you acquire "Valmanway")


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